Bag Of Feels

Buying a house is like a pick ‘n’ mix bag of emotional triggers. First, there’s the financial stuff – not just the actual process of securing, transferring and repaying funds, but also all the feelings about it that most people have lurking just below the surface. Then there’s the permanence aspect, questions about adulthood, ownership and having a clearly defined ‘home’ that does not belong to your parents. Let’s not forget the whole can of worms concerned with whether you’ve chosen the right house, the worry being that you’ll never really know for sure.

Anyway, here I am: semi-proud and mostly confused owner of a house in Melbourne. Property conveyancing is now a topic I can claim to have some knowledge around, along with applying for a mortgage, buying home insurance and negotiating with real estate agents. The modest amount of pride I feel comes from having passed through these processes and lived to tell the tale, while the confusion stems from the vast sea of unknown bureaucratic factors I’m yet to face.

I mean, it’s all well and good to understand what a Section 32 Statement is, but that information is only really useful during the buying process. Once you’re over that threshold, you immediately find yourself in the wonderful world of council jargon and red tape. I mean, there’s no doubt I’m going to have to get this fence built, and I’m sort of dreading facing off with the council about it. Maybe I’m being pessimistic here, but I can’t seem to picture it going smoothly – or cheaply, for that matter.

I’m starting to wonder if this is why people often pair up in order to buy property. I was always sceptical of that working out, but having a significant other to share the load would make a world of difference to the experience. At least I wouldn’t be alone in wondering if I’m slowly losing the plot.