Moving Lairs

Switching lairs can be so messy. There’s so much to move, so many things I’ll miss about this place. How am I supposed to transport thousands of gold coins and platinum bars? Grab them with my claws? Unlikely.

Dragons are temperamental creatures at the best of times, and if ‘Spartos the Huge’ gets here before I’ve moved out, he’ll roast me alive. Thankfully we’ve managed to come to a settlement on the legal side of moving lairs. We went to the best property conveyancing firm in Melbourne and hired them to help us with that business. It’s been a big relief, actually, because normally we dragons will fight for ownership of a lair. This way has been much cleaner and less painful. I didn’t realise there’s so much to home ownership, though. Humans are funny, with their odd quirks and rules. As soon as I find out a way to get all my hoard out of here, we’ll sign the title transfers and be done with it.

I’m really looking forward to settling into my new home. It’s a nice ocean-side cave with a great view of the city. I can’t wait to watch the ships sail across the water, and the city lights flickering on at dusk. There won’t be much of a view of the stars, but if I want that I can just fly out to the bush.

I will miss my old lair, though. The conveyancers and real estate agents did a great job helping me sell it. Maybe even too good of a job, honestly. I would have liked to stay a little longer. The train yard nearby is fascinating. That’s probably what I’ll miss most. But then there’s also that coffee factory across the road. I once hated the smell of coffee, but I got used to it after a while. It was nice to wake up to in the mornings.