My Brother’s Eyes

Genetics is a weird thing, isn’t it? It will always amaze me how I can be born with totally perfect eyesight, but my little brother could have the worst eyes ever. To be honest, it took us a really long time to realise that my brother had something wrong with his eyes. I swear my brother had been excessively rubbing his eyes for about two months. We assumed that he just had really bad allergies. Allergies run rampant in my family, so it was correct for us to assume he had allergy issues. None of us thought eyesight would’ve been the issue. Even more, our parents have perfect eyesight. 

It was actually my mum who thought my brother may have had a problem with his eyesight. My mum has always been great at noticing anything wrong with any of us kids. She noticed that my brother could not stop itching his eyes. No matter what she did to try to get him to stop, he wouldn’t stop. Then one morning his eye started seeping. After some research, my mum figured out that my brother was suffering from conjunctivitis. She decided to take my brother to a top-rated Brighton optometrist near me.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous for the little man. I didn’t want him to have some sort of long-term problem with his eyes. What if the conjunctivitis was impacting his eyesight? I actually had to take the day off work because all I could think about was my baby brother. As soon as his appointment was done, I got mum to ring me. Turns out he did in fact have conjunctivitis, but he also received a diagnosis for his poor eyesight. Poor little bugger, here we all are with perfect eyesight, and he’s here struggling to see. I’m glad we took him to a behavioural optometrist. The optometrist knew the eye rubbing was more than simply conjunctivitis. It was also my brother getting frustrated with his cloudy vision. He’s now got eye drops to help with the conjunctivitis and glasses to help with his vision.