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Eco Bathroom Oasis

In Melbourne, a vibrant city known for its commitment to sustainability and green living, a young couple embarked on a mission to transform their home into a beacon of eco-friendliness, starting with the most intimate of spaces: their bathroom. Motivated by their passion for the environment, they envisioned an outdated bathroom turning into an eco-friendly […]

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Time-Travelling Arborist

Ever since I embarked on my career in arboriculture, I’ve been captivated by the silent stories that trees tell. I’ve had the privilege of caring for some of the city’s most venerable trees. However, nothing could have prepared me for the discovery of an ancient tree that changed my life and my understanding of Melbourne’s

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Mending Shoulders

As the sun dipped below the skyline of Melbourne CBD, I found myself reflecting on the journey that led me to the doorstep of a shoulder surgeon. It wasn’t just the physical pain that had guided me here; it was the yearning for a life unchained by discomfort, a life where every movement wasn’t a

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My Brother’s Eyes

Genetics is a weird thing, isn’t it? It will always amaze me how I can be born with totally perfect eyesight, but my little brother could have the worst eyes ever. To be honest, it took us a really long time to realise that my brother had something wrong with his eyes. I swear my

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Do Sports Outside!

Right. Let’s just say that after the school holiday season I realised that I needed to shake things up in the house a bit. Why? Well, I’ll tell you why. My children were lazy. I had overlooked it for so long, but after noticing that my kids spent nearly fourteen days inside the house staring

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Latest channel success

I started off as an online streamer twelve years ago. This is before everybody and their uncle had a podcast, or a channel, or some sort of commercial social media. I was among the early pioneers of comedic content online. I’d do sketches, analyse societal archetypes, do product reviews, and just general updates. The online

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The Bath Technicians

​​ ‘Wait, how many plumbers did you say we needed?’ ‘None.’ ‘That can’t be right… can it?’ ‘Well,’ I frowned, glancing at my computer screen. ‘It says here that when you’re just changing the bath out, you don’t need a plumber.’ My wife looked doubtful. ‘Who do you need then?’ ‘Just a….’ I scrolled down

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Tattoo Mind Games

Gideon had flinched when Lorenzo first entered the room. It wasn’t surprising, given the man’s disdain for tattoos and the fact that Lorenzo was absolutely covered in the things. The reaction almost made Lorenzo smile. He’d decided not to use the session for actual psychology, but instead to give Gideon a horrible time. He talked

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The Elite Builder

After a short trip to the hardware store to pick up some plumbing and/or electrical supplies – Mavis couldn’t be sure which, exactly – they got back in the car to continue their little journey.  It had been a long day. At this point, Mavis was ready to go sleep for a week and hope

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