Wallpaper Risk Taker

Before Archie could walk away, Mav gave a small wave to capture his attention. “Hey, you ever seen anything like this? I can’t wrap my head around it.”

The bulky man stepped closer and took a look at the job. “One hundred Elite Tokens? Gotta be a joke. Those kinds of jobs are usually reserved for underground black market gigs.”

Mav gave him a look. “Archie, we’re all underground now.”

Archie grinned. “You know what I mean. Shady stuff. Don’t want to get mixed up in that.”

“What sort of jobs?” Mav asked. She put away her phone and picked up the toasted sandwich Archie had made.

“You know, undesirables and all that. Don’t want to speak of such things here, but you know…” He cocked his head. “Making people ‘disappear’. Taking things that aren’t yours. That sort of thing.”

So, if this job was paying black market prices, why was it being displayed on an ordinary job board? It certainly wouldn’t be your standard request for a person who installs custom wall decal designs close to Melbourne. Unless it was just a joke and there was no job at all.

Either way, it certainly wasn’t some dark job for criminals, from what it sounded like. If they had their own place to put up jobs, it wouldn’t have been something Dirk could find. Act edgy as he did, Dirk was a total softie at heart. He couldn’t hurt a giant cockroach if it was about to eat him alive.

Although Mav knew she should just get on with her day job and install standard flower wall decals and stay out of trouble, she had to admit that she was intrigued. Dirk or Iris would have been investigating it in a heartbeat, but Mav wasn’t exactly the crew’s risk taker.

But then again, Dirk and Iris didn’t know a thing about wallpaper or decals. Maybe she was the only one who could truly wrap her head around this job request. Would they even notice any red flags?

Mav sighed, finishing her toasted sandwich. Perhaps it was best if she did some investigating. What could go wrong?