Clean Floors, Clean Life

This new vacuum cleaner has turned my life around. I know I said that about the new boots, and my new shoe rack, and the new apartment with towel rails and a balcony, but this time I mean it. Previously I couldn’t vacuum the floor, but now that I can, my whole world has been turned upside down, in a good way. I see the clean floors, and it makes me want to be clean about everything else. So it’s um…it’s going well. I loaded the dishwasher today…all by myself. And I put my slippers in the corner of my room, all neat.

And I got round to searching for a conveyancer near Mentone, so I can actually live in this place for real and not be a glorified squatter. Okay, so the apartment kind of belongs to a friend and they’re just letting me live here while I don’t have anywhere else to live. The place isn’t totally finished, so I just have to put up with some banging and crashing until it is done, at which point I’m going to buy it for reals, and I need a conveyancer to do that. I’m a total procrastinator about that kind of thing, even if it’s as important as where I’m going to live and all that, but I actually did get onto it, and I owe it all to the vacuum cleaner. I vacuumed the lounge and once I was done I just…didn’t stop. I was in the throes of productivity, so I flew onwards into that cloudbank of getting stuff done and wiped down the kitchen counter. Using that momentum, I finally emailed the hot water people, so they wouldn’t turn off my supply. Then I heroically put the clothes horse inside the laundry cupboard. And then I called the property conveyancing lawyers, not even giving myself the time to think about what it would be like if I just sat right back down in my chair and watched another episode of Fraser.

Building up steam; that’s what productivity is all about!