Coolest Air Con

A worldwide convention of air conditioning and heating systems is set to befall Canberra over the weekend, with “record numbers set to arrive for the best convention yet.” The annual ‘Comfort Con’, held in a different city every year, is to be held in Australia’s own capital of cool, Canberra, from the 12th to the 14th. Boasting “the coolest collection of air con and heating related products this side of a split system”, the event is expected to attracted experts and enthusiasts from all across the country.

“This year will be the biggest one yet,” said organiser Peter Alan. “We are going all out with the large scale replica, in the large main dome.” Air conditioning and heating vendors and repairers will take to the stage this year to show off their skills. Previews of new methods of airflow, as well as a new fan types will  also make their Australian debut at ‘Comfort Con’. Among the list of premiers is “a practical approach to gas heating repairs in Canberra, with a demonstration, live, by some of the best and most dedicated experts this country has ever seen.”

Early press previews have marvelled at the “incredibly life-like replica in the dome; it was like I could just touch it,” as well as the live demonstration in ducted heating. Canberra can add another feather to its cultural cap it seems.  “I had always wanted to know how they do it, and to see it up on the big screen is a boyhood dream come true,” stated art critic Arthur Dayne.

The main event, featuring demonstrations by leading experts, is set to take place on the opening night of ComfortCon. This the fifth anniversary of the event and organisers are pulling out all the stops to make it the best one yet. According to Mr Alan. “We want to open on something huge and splashy that the cool people of this city can get behind. I’m certain the air conditioning community of Canberra will be able to rally behind this fantastic event.”