It’s All Energy

Why does everything have to revolve around money? Even when you honestly believe that it doesn’t, it still kind of does. I’m not saying there’s an evil group of baddies conspiring to make everyone a cog in the money machine; I recognise that it’s simply a feature of the world as it is. I also recognise that I’m actively contributing to upholding it, and fear that I’ll end up getting eaten by rottweilers alone in a back alley if I stop. That’s life and I accept it for what it is. I’m just a little over it.

It’s all energy, isn’t it? Perhaps I’ve got to look past the coins in my coffers (or the digital coins in my cloud-based coffers) and see it as a more fluid medium, like light. Think of solar energy and the renewable abundance it offers in providing power to earthly lifeforms. I’m referring to the energy of the sun itself here, not human-made methods of capturing it. What’s a tiny 100 kW system to the sun’s incomprehensible blaze factor?

Of course, it’s pretty cool that humans have figured out ways of capturing some of that and using for their own ends. The somewhat annoying – and yet entirely reasonable – thing is that we’ve also figured out a way to monetise it. That’s as it should be, I guess. It just means it’s easier to run your biz efficiently if you’ve got some capital to invest in a quality PV rig and commercial battery storage. Melbourne winters being the way they are, the latter is pretty essential to getting bang for your buck, and that means you need more bucks to begin with.  

Again, I see this is as all as it should be, in the sense that I can’t think of a better way of doing things. People should certainly be compensated for their efforts in developing and installing renewable energy technology. In saying that, I can still harbour some exasperation around the fact that the technology is not readily accessible if you don’t have money. This brings me back to my original question: why must everything revolve around that?