Latest channel success

I started off as an online streamer twelve years ago. This is before everybody and their uncle had a podcast, or a channel, or some sort of commercial social media. I was among the early pioneers of comedic content online. I’d do sketches, analyse societal archetypes, do product reviews, and just general updates. The online community has seen me through all my relationships, all my breakups, all my holidays, all my homes, and they have watched my career progress over the last decade. I’m so flattered and grateful to have developed this level of following. I have been able to quit my 9 to 5 job and focus on building my online channel. It truly is amazing. Long story short, I’ve been wondering; how much does an architect cost? With the money I’ve garnered from my millions of views and followers, I decided it’s time for me to find a studio location.

I love my life. I wake up when I want, work when I want, and base my schedule around me. Ok, maybe some of that is a lie. While I have total flexibility in my life, I have found that it is best to stick to a routine otherwise time can just escape you. Sticking to a routine also prevents you from overworking. There was a period of time where I was waking up at 11am and working up until 2 or 3am. I was exhausted all the time and eventually just felt burnt out. 

With the money I’ve garnered from my millions of views and followers, I’ve decided it’s time to secure myself a location and turn that into my studio. I’ve been in touch with some of the top-rated Brighton-based commercial architects to help me design the studio building for this location. My studio is going to maintain a residential feel with a modern twist. I don’t want a studio that feels like myself and my guests are walking into a corporate environment. I thrive in a homely environment, so I plan for my studio to encapsulate that exact sort of atmosphere.