More Design Required

Well, we finally got our new office interior installed, and now we’re getting a new one. There was a considerable mix-up in the communication chain, since I’ve checked the order form and yes, it does indeed say that we ordered dragon-themed wallpaper. The installation company did call us to confirm, and they said they spoke to a guy who said that it was totally fine. 

Alright, I’m suspecting foul play here. The wallpaper I can understand, but I’d like to know who emailed the interior design firm and told them that yes, we definitely want pictures of foxes all over the ceiling, and all over the doors. I feel like no Sydney commercial office fitout company is going to want to work with us after this, on account of word being passed around that we’re that weird office with a dragon and fox obsession. And why, in the name of all sanity, was the office arranged around a central desk encased in a circular glass pillar? This time I thought the interior designers had really messed up, but nope. They said someone from the office showed up and said that it was what was decided upon. 

I don’t know who, exactly, but I do know that Derek slipped in this morning and loudly stated that he might as well take the middle desk, before going ahead and moving all his stuff in there. And Vince has little models of dragons all over his desk. And Annabelle just this morning sent around a group email in which she requested we sign a petition protecting all foxes and declaring them to be Australia’s national animal.

Anyway, those things happened today, but I shouldn’t get distracted from finding the real culprits who’ve made it so we have to get another company for office interior design. Businesses Sydney wide hire designers, so there must be loads of them

Gosh, what a pain. Next time I’m thinking twice before opening these design decisions up to the entire office and their kooky schemes.

-Jayson Rayson