Our Responsible Castle-Mansion

I will admit, I haven’t looked much into solar power. That’s for a variety of reasons. 

For one thing, our family are terribly allergic to the sun, so we generally avoid the topic altogether. Also, we use very little power in our castle-mansion, mostly preferring to light the place with torches and candles, and spending much of our time reading and… doing other things.

However, some journalist has a new television show and is spreading scandalous lies that we live in an energy-inefficient home and are guzzling energy, refusing to integrate with the green Australian way of life.

This ‘Briella’ must be put right. I might know little about 100kw systems and their function, but my family and I have done a great deal to integrate with the prevailing lifestyle. If this means we must have scores of solar panels installed on the roof, then so be it. I have no qualms about doing my part, even if we’re going to have to give all of this energy to someone else who’ll actually use it. I certainly hope that’s an option. It’s decided: I shall look into commercial solar system installation for Melbourne.

But before I do any of this, I’m going to appear on that scandalous show and make a statement. I’ve appeared on television once before, and by golly I’m going to do it again to clear the names of my family. I wouldn’t want to install a bunch of solar panels and make that awful Briella think that I’ve been press-ganged into compliance, oh no!

I must say, we were never disrespected this way back in Romania. People knew and feared the Alucards, and we commanded great respect on the rare occasions we would emerge. I suppose I must simply swallow my pride in this new place. If Briella refuses to give me a slot, I shall have to make… another kind of statement. And it is one she won’t like at all!