From Roses to Hedges

I’ve mentioned a few times that our garden is mostly looked after by Melbourne professionals hired by Dad to fly up and tend to everything. Well, I’ve never told you about my corner. It’s completely out of the way, almost down the side of the house, but I asked Dad if i could have a patch years ago, and he said yes. Naturally, everything I tried to plant died, but I still enjoyed the process of trying to make things grow. Now that I’m back in Brisbane for a while at least, I’d like to try to give it another go.

I know it’s not exactly a beginner thing to start off on, but I really want to give blue moon roses a go. Yes, because of the immense prettiness. Don’t judge me to harshly! I bet Dad would let me have even more of the garden if he saw that I’d grown some proper roses.  I think he just needs to see that I’m serious about my little patch of the yard. I’m excited to try my hand at some roses, and not just regular ones…blue moon roses. Hey, I have a vast network of tradespeople to call upon. I’m sure one of them can tell me exactly how to grow roses. And failing that, I have daffodils as backup. And failing that…ferns, maybe? I just have to find the hardiest plant available. Preferably one that’s totally indestructible, lasts through all weather, never needs watering, can fight off weeds, looks pretty…actually, that would seem to fit the description of a fake plant. I hear Corsican Mint hedge plants have the edge in that area, but that’s a hedge and not a flower.

I suppose you can get some pretty convincing fake plants nowadays…but no! I will prevail. I’m going to grow a proper flower if I have to camp out in the garden and keep watch. Which will be difficult, when I’m at placement in school. I’ll make it work.