Painting Coupons

I just found the strangest thing in my box of cereal. It’s particularly weird because I was just thinking about the good old days where they’d put a toy inside your box of Wheat Biscuits or Chocolate Rice Pops. Back when I was a kid, opening a box of cereal and finding a prize inside was legitimately the best thing in the world. Once we even got boxes of cereal for Christmas. That’s how exciting it was. So this was a real blast to the past. A massive hit of dopamine right to the brain. It was awesome.

Anyway, you probably want to know what I found in my cereal box. It wasn’t a toy, but it was something pretty good if you’re an adult who owns their own house, as I do. In my box of cereal, I found a coupon giving 50% off for a residential painter within Melbourne. It would have been a bit awkward if I didn’t live in Melbourne, but I do so I can put this to good use. I’ve been wanting to paint my living room for a while now, actually. I’d been putting it off because I couldn’t decide what colour to go with, but this might be the push I need. The coupon expires in a couple of months, so I’ll have to jump on this soon.

It’s just a shame that it wasn’t a coupon for a commercial painting service. While I do want to paint my living room, what I want even more is to find a great Christmas present for my boss. He’s been talking about how he wants to paint the office for months now, so a coupon for commercial painting would have been perfect. I’m really sick of the dark grey walls we have at work. Maybe I should just start talking about how I’m getting wall painting done at my home. Hopefully, that will convince the boss to finally get the walls at work done.