The cover up

Has anyone else ever gotten a really dumb, ugly, or stupid tattoo that they regret? Perhaps it’s the result of a spur of a moment decision, a moment of rebellion, or visiting a tattoo artist that just isn’t all that good. I’ve been in all three of those situations. About eleven years ago I was coming out of high school, recently turned eighteen, and wanted to get a tattoo to show my parents that I was capable of making my own choices. I wound up getting a tattoo across my chest saying ‘No Regrets’. Safe to say, I now hate this tattoo.

I am looking into getting a cover up tattoo to camouflage these words. I’m not too sure what artwork I would like. The letters aren’t too big, bold, or loud so I think the job won’t be too bad as far as cover ups go. I’m sure tattoo artists have had to do worse cover up jobs over images worse than nine faded letters. I’m thinking that I could possibly get something like a panther on my chest. The letters are all black and white, and I would ideally like the cover up to be black and white, but if it needs to be a coloured piece then so be it. For the last few years, I’ve been gathering images of inspiration from social media and think I have found a few nice pieces of art to show the tattoo artist. No doubt they will be a lot more creative than I am and will be able to think of their own designs. One thing that’s for sure is that I definitely will not be revisiting the tattoo artist that initially gave me this tattoo.

There is a popular tattoo artist from Brisbane who I have been looking at online and I think would do a great cover up job. I’ve been talking to them online and have sent them a couple of the inspiration designs, as well as a photo of how my current chest piece looks.