Muay Thai Phase

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve gone through my fair share of phases. I’ve been extremely into the heavy metal scene, I’ve dabbled in teaching my dog to run agility courses, and I’ve even become a qualified Muay Thai competitor. I’m going to be honest, of my phases, that’s the one I’m most embarrassed about. Why I hear you ask? Because I let my Muay Thai training rule my life.

Seriously, I abandoned my relationship with my girlfriend so that I could spend all my time at the local Muay Thai boxing gym, and now I don’t even do Muay Thai anymore. That’s the worst that a phase has ever taken over my life. I’m definitely the type of person to get caught up in things, mostly because I have an addictive personality, and the endorphins I released after every punch, every turn, every dodge, was too much to walk away from. Well, that was until I inevitably got bored and decided the phase was over. 

When it was clear that I wasn’t going back to the boxing gym in Brisbane, I called my ex-girlfriend and asked her to come back to me. She literally laughed in my face and said she was sick of being second-rate to whatever crazy phase I was going through at the time. I promised her that I wouldn’t go through another phase and that I definitely wouldn’t spend any time at the boxing gym anymore. She said it wasn’t enough and asked me to stop calling her. That hurt.

I guess the main perk of my time doing Muay Thai was that I became really ripped. For those of you who don’t know the term, it means really muscular and strong. Even though my girlfriend doesn’t want to be with me anymore, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to ever talk to a girl again. I assume I’m going to get a lot of attention from the ladies from now on.