Car Aircon Struggle

It’s true that you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. Until my car aircon stopped working about a month ago, I had never given it a thought. The air conditioning was just something that came with the car and I hardly considered it to be a luxury or something that made too much impact on my driving experience. Well, when my aircon broke I realised very quickly that this was not the case. 

As such, I have spent the last month saving up for a car air conditioning regas service. Adelaide is crazily hot in summer and I just can’t take it anymore. I have never been good with money so I unfortunately didn’t have any savings that I could dip into to get my air conditioning repaired when it broke. I wouldn’t even be able to own a car if I hadn’t been given a loan by my parents. When they loaned me the money it was on the condition that I pay it back over time, and pay for every service and repair myself. As you could imagine, I haven’t had my car serviced in quite a while.

I think I’m going to feel pretty sheepish when I visit the auto mechanic. It’ll be obvious to them that I haven’t invested enough time or money into my car, and I won’t be able to afford anything else that needs to be fixed. I’m purely going there to get my air conditioning fixed, and I’ll have to tell them no if they want to repair anything else. It’s a pretty awkward position to be in. I probably should have saved my money better.

I’m very much looking forward to driving away from the mechanic and blasting my aircon. I’ll no longer have to keep a sweat towel in the car anymore. Driving around in Adelaide without a car aircon has been absolutely brutal. I won’t take my air conditioning for granted again.