Fleeting Moment

Working as a builder in Underwood has always been a lucrative business. I’m lucky that Underwood residents always want something new built, or have decided to develop existing parts of their property. There are also a lot of housing developments going up, which means more money and more work for me. It’s great.

However, to get these jobs done, I heavily rely on my work vehicle to get me around. It has all my tools in the back and allows me to save a lot of time between jobs. I didn’t realise the extent to which it saved my time until the business I work for decided to do a comprehensive fleet servicing, and I had to use a smaller car for a couple of days. The amount of trips I had to make to and from the factory was infuriating. 

It’s funny how having the right tools and workspace makes such a difference to the quality of the job. I felt like I was doing poorer quality work in those two days without my usual vehicle. I missed the old girl; she had been serving me so well for so many years that I had gotten used to her. Luckily, I was in the hands of a very good mechanic local to Underwood. The area has a reputation for excellent mechanics, and it was a relief knowing that I was getting the highest quality work done. I knew my vehicle would be back better than ever when she was all fixed up.

The day I got her back I felt like I had been reunited with my baby. I don’t have a child, but I felt excited and warm when I picked her up, which is what I imagine picking up your child from their first day of school feels like. I’ve been doing high quality work ever since, and I am very happy about it.