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Perfecting diesel

If you’re anything like I am, your vehicle will be your pride and joy. I’ve been through all the mistakes of owning a diesel vehicle. I’ve forgotten to service my car before. I’ve neglected hints of car trouble and let these worsen with time. I’ve used the wrong fuel and incorrectly used my brakes before. […]

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Get Your Service!

My family have a holiday house just outside of Mornington that we have visited every summer since I was born. This year will be our twentieth summer spent there, and we are going to throw a big party to celebrate. That’s a blog post for another day though, we haven’t really sorted out any of

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Fleeting Moment

Working as a builder in Underwood has always been a lucrative business. I’m lucky that Underwood residents always want something new built, or have decided to develop existing parts of their property. There are also a lot of housing developments going up, which means more money and more work for me. It’s great. However, to

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Car Aircon Struggle

It’s true that you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. Until my car aircon stopped working about a month ago, I had never given it a thought. The air conditioning was just something that came with the car and I hardly considered it to be a luxury or something that made too much impact on

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4WD Road Trip

After six months, I am finally able to leave the house again. I broke my leg and had to have major surgery, so I’ve spent the last six months doing online courses and just generally trying to keep myself entertained. Last month, when I knew I was on the cusp of being able to leave

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The Confession

I’ve been feeling under the weather. Everyone suggests that I go see my GP, but they don’t understand. I just can’t. The GP wouldn’t know what to do with me. I don’t even think I would fit through the door. It’s time I confessed something. I’ve lied to you all for so long, I don’t

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A Simpler Time

Look, I don’t know why I have to take human lessons. I’m actually from this planet, albeit 300 years in the past when things were quite a bit simpler. I like to think I’m adapting, but this technological whizz-bangery and all the people walking around dressed with such impropriety only hasten my efforts to locate

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