Crowns and Ribs

I am currently on a mission to find the best rack of ribs in Australia. This mission started about a year ago when I was watching a series where a guy travelled to a variety of cities in America to eat all these different fast-food meals. These meals included everything from giant burgers to giant lobsters to hot wings. Basically, the more extravagant the meal, the more he’d eat. After watching the show one night, I was at work the next day and overheard a guy talking about it. I mentioned that I also watch the show and that it’s my dream to do something similar, but at a small scale.

Unfortunately, in Australia, we tend to not have the outlandish portions the American’s have. It was to my surprise when he mentioned that he has his own mini food tour going to find the best rack of ribs around Australia. It’s him and three other mates and they’re always looking for recruits. I’ve joined them to about five different rib shows – at least that’s what we call them. Our most recent one was yesterday but it ended in a bit of a disaster when I ended up chipping a tooth. I’ve never thought of a chipped tooth to be that big of a deal but my word, it’s causing me a lot of pain. 

Luckily, my wife knows of a cosmetic dentistry clinic near me that should be able to repair the tooth. I just hope it won’t be too expensive. I honestly don’t care if I’m walking around with a gold or silver crown for the rest of my life. That is when my wife made a good point. Unlike her, I won’t have to look at my tooth for the rest of my life. For this reason, she’s adamant that I go to a good cosmetic dentist who can do a white crown.

I am heading to the Bayside dentist in two days to get my tooth sorted. I just hope I can deal with this horrible pain between now and then.