Flat feet boxing

A big part of boxing is the footwork and the ability to stay on your toes. I really struggled with this on the first day. It felt as if the arches under my feet were straining but I assumed this was normal for beginners. After about a week of training, my trainer noticed that I was wincing every time I had to stand on my tiptoes. I explained to him the pain I was feeling and he told me that it was due to having really flat arches in my feet. He advised me that before every class I should roll a stress ball under my feet to stretch the tendons and also look into buying arch support insoles for flat feet. If I wear insoles throughout the day in my shoes then that should help resolve the pain I feel in my feet.

Part of my New Year’s resolution was to start up a new sport to become a bit more active. I’ve never been great at athletics or sport so it was definitely a struggle to pick something. I’m not even a big lover of watching sport, except for mixed martial arts. Every day on the way to work I pass a boxing gym, but about three weeks ago it dawned on me that maybe boxing could be the sport that I pick up? I enjoy MMA, which means I already have a slight interest but at least it’s not as brutal as MMA. I’m not proud to say I’m three weeks into my boxing journey.

After boxing class one day, a few guys mentioned that flat feet are more common than I thought. I’m going to speak to a foot specialist. Cheltenham has a podiatrist about ten minutes from my house so I will make an appointment for next week. If I’m going to spend money on insoles I think it would be helpful to have an expert opinion to make sure I buy what’s right for me.