Emergency Tyre Service

I may finally be getting a full time job! I’ve been working part time for my dream company for the past three years, but until now there hasn’t been many opportunities for me to progress in my career. I stuck it out because I knew for a fact that this is the company I want to work at forever, and today my years of perseverance may have become worthwhile. 

My day actually started quite poorly before it turned out to be one of the most promising days of my career. To give you the full picture, I took the bus to work this morning for the first time since I started working. Maybe that was a sign that I’ve come full circle and finally gotten to where I want to be… who knows. But yeah, when I got out to my car this morning I was confronted with the fact that my tyres had been slashed and that it would be impossible to drive my car to work. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty taken aback by the whole thing. But I’m good in stressful situations so I just called the mechanic, requested a tyre service and jumped on the next bus. 

When I finally arrived at work, I was met by my boss sitting at my desk. He said he had news  that he thought I would like to know, even though it wouldn’t be confirmed until the end of the week. Honestly, I was even more taken aback by his proposition than I was by my tyres getting slashed. This is probably one of the best days of my life, even after the massive bill I got from the mechanic shop. Preston is a great place to live, but I think I’ll be building a garage with the money from my promotion. This means I’ll be getting a full time job and a garage in the next couple of months – what a luxury. Here’s to overcoming obstacles and making strides in my career!