Get Your Service!

My family have a holiday house just outside of Mornington that we have visited every summer since I was born. This year will be our twentieth summer spent there, and we are going to throw a big party to celebrate. That’s a blog post for another day though, we haven’t really sorted out any of the logistics yet.

Today’s blog post is about the importance of getting your car serviced. I learnt this lesson in the worst possible way, so I wanted to share what I learnt with you guys so you don’t have to go through the same thing.

The lesson is simple: get your car serviced.

I know it’s easy to skip a scheduled service because your car is running fine, and it’s expensive. Well I can promise you that fixing your car is a lot more expensive when you’ve let a few services pass you by. When my car broke down, I was on my way to our Mornington beach house to spend the weekend with my boyfriend. We both took the Friday off so that we could have a long weekend together, but we ended up spending the whole day trying to find a mechanic in the Mornington area. Automotive specialists don’t love working on long weekends, it seems.

Still, I was able to find a good Mornington car service place in the end. Apparently this wouldn’t have happened if I had got my car serviced when it was required, because the issue would’ve been found and fixed early. For half the price and half the time, I might add. Oh well, I’m not complaining about it. I know it was my fault for not getting my car serviced when I should have. I’m just sharing my experience in the hope that you guys will learn from my mistakes and stop ignoring that little red button on your dashboard telling you it’s time for a service.