The Saucepan Incident

Oh gosh, cat videos. Get out of my life! I love them so much, but you watch one on Me-Straw and it’s like you’re falling down a rabbit hole. It’s even worse when you discover one channel with a million videos, and then that’s the afternoon done.

There I am watching Tabby Crawshaw shredding a screen door and just not caring that he’s being scolded (hilarious!), and whoops, my Anubis Defence Potion has boiled over. So my kitchen floor is safe from the snake’s mighty curse, but the Cult of the Arcane Serpent are going to dock my commission for sure.

Oh, and now I need glass replacement! Yep, that one was down to cat videos as well, although thankfully it didn’t jeopardise client work. No, I was just watching a video of Benjamin the Bengal (he sometimes does crossovers with Tabby Crawshaw) balancing on top of a balloon (adorable!) and my foot somehow got hooked around the kitchen table leg. Well, I flung up my arms to stop my fall, and the saucepan of eggs that I’d been holding went flying right out of my hands, clean across the room and right into the glass balustrading that I only just had installed. It’s not much- just a few panels leading up to the main part of the stairs- but it was new!

You’re probably thinking that it would require quite a bit of force, and you’d be right. For one thing, the saucepan was hot and the kids were sitting at the table, so my instincts kicked in and told me to get it as far away as possible. So into the air the saucepan sailed, across the open-plan kitchen and right into the expensive glass balustrading that I now need to be fixed. 

Sounds unlikely? Well, not as unlikely as the eggs flying out mid-flight and landing right on the plate, and of course that didn’t actually happen, but I’m just saying, more unlikely things have happened. Now I need a Melbourne glass balustrade company in…again.

Oh, I just remembered that I finished an aether-infused tattoo design that links one’s body with that of the ancient Heracles, giving you superhuman strength for a short time. That would explain the saucepan’s unusual force, even if it was just a prototype design.