Hot Mess

As we’re coming into summer, I’ve been thinking about last year’s heatwave and cringing at the memory of all the nights my kids and I couldn’t sleep.

We had been avoiding our home for over a week because of the heat, but there’s only so much time we can spend at Brighton Beach or shopping at Church Street.

Where it was 35 degrees at the bay, it felt like 45 degrees inside our home. Our air conditioner wasn’t working when we needed it most, and it made what should have been our cool retreat into a fiery black hole that we couldn’t wait to get out of. 

We’ve all been there. Our air con needs repair and everyone has opted to sleep without their sheets, but no matter what the heat is inescapable. The fans just weren’t picking up the slack. Our nights were uncomfortable to say the least and it impacted all of us. It made what should have been the fun summer months brutal to get through. 

The last thing I want is to go through all this again in the coming summer. I’ve done my research this year. I’ve considered all the air conditioning services near Brighton seriously to ensure the air con will actually keep us cool this summer. I intend to use their services pronto. 

I’m looking forward to coming home from the beach with my kids and actually enjoying being at home. Our air con is going to make this summer exponentially better. It’s a relief knowing our dog will have a cool spot to sleep and play, and that everyone will be genuinely better off as a result. 

I know I will be reminding all friends to get their air conditioners serviced this summer. But if they don’t, they are always welcome to escape to my cool home. Fresh watermelon will be offered on arrival, maybe also some delicious lemonade.