Heating and Cooling

Fixing My Aircon

Repairing things is something that I’ve always been passionate about. I have so much fun repairing literally anything and everything. In the majority of cases, the harder the item to repair, the more I enjoy it. I thrive when presented with a challenge and I welcome them. Wow, the way I’m talking about all this, …

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Hot Mess

As we’re coming into summer, I’ve been thinking about last year’s heatwave and cringing at the memory of all the nights my kids and I couldn’t sleep. We had been avoiding our home for over a week because of the heat, but there’s only so much time we can spend at Brighton Beach or shopping …

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The First Greenhouse

Thanks to Odd-Match, we may be on the road to creating the world’s very first Greenhouse. Not a greenhouse, mind you; the world has plenty of those already. Those are for plants, our green brothers and sisters. And not a green house, either. Some houses are green. They’re not special. No, I’m talking about a …

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