Menial Mechanic Merriment?


The Great Australian Trade-Off: Automotive Edition ended up feeling like a slap in the face when I first caught the ad. I mean, I thought they were finally announcing that it was coming back on, and then I realised they had one more so-called special up their sleeves before they’d let us see the show. I mean, they’ve announced the people who are going to be on it and built up all this anticipation, but haven’t put forward an official release date.

I tell you what, the first episode had better just pop out of nowhere one night. Hopefully this night, right… now. Right… now. Now. Nowwwwww.

Alright, fine. Automotive Edition it is, then. I do like cars, which is something. That should get me through. Apparently they’ve gathered a bunch of car mechanics, Hawthorn locals who happen to motor enthusiasts, and a few industry specialists, and are getting them to compete in fun challenges. I’ll be looking to see if there are any mechanics that I know. Probably not, though… nothing exciting ever happens to me, like seeing someone I know on television.

Verdict: was okay, in an interim sort of way. It’s pretty clear that they’re getting the interns to write the challenges for the specials while they work on the main stuff, though, because they didn’t seem incredibly suited to teams of mechanics. Vaughn looked like he was going to cry when they handed him a pack of pipe cleaners and asked him to perform an oil change, and I’m actually not sure performing car repairs with a set of brightly-coloured plastic tools from the ‘Baby’s First Mechanic Shop’ set (now available at all good toy retailers) is actually possible.

I mean, when it comes to car servicing, Toorak locals wouldn’t stand for that sort of thing.

I guess it makes for entertaining television… close enough, anyway.