The First Greenhouse

Thanks to Odd-Match, we may be on the road to creating the world’s very first Greenhouse. Not a greenhouse, mind you; the world has plenty of those already. Those are for plants, our green brothers and sisters. And not a green house, either. Some houses are green. They’re not special.

No, I’m talking about a Greenhouse. A residential dwelling dedicated to us plant-kin who see the life that plants have and think that looks pretty neat. I myself was born as a pumpkin, and I’ve spent years researching the best heating system service Sydney has to offer, but alas…nowhere I’ve lived has quite understood my very specific needs. My parents shun my kinship with plants, and my housemates keep telling me to turn the heater off because I’m racking up thousands in electricity costs.

You know what? It IS expensive to keep ducted heating running 24/7. That’s why me and my plant-kin allies I met are going to live in an actual greenhouse, fitted for the human needs that we must unfortunately contend with, but mainly just a very large greenhouse. In its rooms, we can live in the glorious heat all day long and absorb plenty of sunlight as we slumber in huge planter boxes the size of beds, as was always the intended way.

Winter is approaching, so obviously we need a heating system of the highest order lest we freeze and wilt away into nothing. I know all about plant care, obviously, because for me it’s basically self-care. I believe the best solution is ducted gas heating. Sydney offer some quality services, although this is the world’s first true Greenhouse, so here lies their challenge: providing quality heating to a place that’s mostly made of glass. I have faith that it can be done.

And when it IS done, my brothers and sisters will finally have a place where we can gently slumber in peace and heat, waiting for the day when we bloom and bear fruit, and everyone sees our true selves at last.