Rules, Marquees and Weddings

I’ll tell you what – now that Bazel is reaching the age where he might start getting friendly with girls, I’m gonna have to lay down some rules. Just a few solid house rules… maybe a small leaflet. A booklet, if you will.

Alright, it’ll be a novella, and full of rules, because I’m not having a single speck of funny business happening under this roof, no sir. We do things good and proper in this household. Bazel wants to get extra friendly with some girl? Well, we’d best start looking for the best special event marquee hire company Melbourne has to offer, because that’s the first step. Oh, we’ll happily pay for the wedding of his dreams… that’s what parents do. In fact, I’ve had a wedding fund set aside for all three of my kids since they were born, and as someone who likes to organise, I’ve been hankering to dig into it and plan something really nice.

I’m gonna keep a close eye on Baz, though. He’s just not the type of teenager who seems like marriage material. He needs to get his head in the real world a bit first; then he’ll mature. He’s not getting the best wedding marquee money can buy (or hire) if he doesn’t shape up, though, because he’s way too old to be climbing trees. And no girl at that age is impressed by that stuff anyway. Trust me… I used to be one, and I remember giving the look to immature guys who thought that getting muddy and doing backflips was some kinda romantic winning lottery ticket. Some of those things aren’t bad, but only as a package deal.

I know just the marquee I’m going to pick out, as well. You think I haven’t been looking up wedding marquees for hire near Melbourne over the last few years? It’s gonna go right below the decking balcony, there’s gonna be rows of fairy lights, oak furniture, a dance floor right in the middle…

That’s if Baz wants that stuff. I’m not gonna be one of THOSE mothers. Just a gentle hand, and iron-clad home rules.