4WD Road Trip

After six months, I am finally able to leave the house again. I broke my leg and had to have major surgery, so I’ve spent the last six months doing online courses and just generally trying to keep myself entertained. Last month, when I knew I was on the cusp of being able to leave my house again, I began to plan my next adventure. The plan centred around being able to visit as many places as I could in a short amount of time, because I’ve felt like I really missed out these past six months. Tomorrow I am leaving for my three week trip, where I will be four-wheel-driving around the east coast of Victoria.  

I know there are risks when it comes to driving cars for long periods of time, which is why I have a 4WD mechanic lined up and ready to go. I’m completely prepared if anything goes wrong, but it’s always nice to know that I’ll have a mechanic on speed dial if need be. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a flat tyre and replace it, only to pop a tyre driving over a sharp rock. It’s just best to be prepared in these situations.  

Part of the planning process was to ensure my car is as safe as possible before leaving. As I wasn’t able to leave the house, my dad kindly offered to do everything that needed to be done, starting with getting me a car service. Moorabbin mechanics are better than the ones near where I live, so he drove all the way down there to ensure my car was safe and ready to go. My dad is an incredibly generous man, he even paid for it too. He said it was his gift to me for handling being locked up for six months so well.

So now, thanks to dad and my planning, I’m all ready to leave for my trip tomorrow. I’ll be keeping dad updated every day as a thank you for getting me to the point where I can leave the house again. Thanks dad.