Holiday House Heating

My family and I are extremely well off. My parents worked hard as young adults and well into their careers to build the lifestyle that they wanted for themselves and our family. We got that lifestyle. My parents have purchased homes all across the country, with one of my favourites being a home in the Blue Mountains. My family and I love hiking and being amongst nature, and we have been visiting our Blue Mountains home every Easter and winter holidays since we purchased the property. We just arrived at our property two hours ago, and because it’s quite chilly now, we wanted to put on the heater. We swiftly found out that our heater no longer works, and for the last two hours I’ve been sitting in five different layers trying to warm myself up. Mum said there is a problem with our central heating. Sydney, the closest city to the Blue Mountains has plenty of technicians that can come and repair our heating system, but they won’t be able to come until tomorrow due to the late notice we’ve given them. That’s fair enough.

It’s going to be a very cold night tonight and the nearby shops are closed so we can’t buy any firewood. I’ll be forcing my parents to cuddle up either side of me until the very last minute that I go to bed. When the technician comes tomorrow I’ll be watching very closely to see how he repairs our central ducted heating. Sydney is a cold place in winter normally, but put yourself on top of a mountain and it’s even colder. That’s why I’ll be watching to see how he fixes it. If something breaks again, I want to be able to give repairing the heater a red hot crack so that I don’t have to freeze all night like I will tonight. 

It’s going to be a difficult one tonight, but once we get through it we will be able to spend the rest of our holiday in both style and comfort. I can’t wait.