Ensuite Redesign

We are just commencing our sixth week of a statewide lockdown and I have almost completely redesigned my house. I have never spent this much consecutive time here, and once I ran out of jobs to do around the house by week two, I began looking for areas of improvement through redesigns. I’ve seriously never even had an interest in home design or thought about any new installations, but when you have enough time on your hands, ideas tend to develop. 

I’ve already completely redesigned the kitchen and living areas so that it will become open plan living, and now I’ve decided to tackle an ensuite renovation design. I’m thinking of blending my walk-in wardrobe with my bathroom. Once you walk into the wardrobe you will see all the hanging space and storage on the walls and on the back wall. On either side of the back wall there will be open space where the doors should be. Once you walk through the space you will find yourself in the massive bathroom, that is hidden away behind the walk-in robe. The bath will be in the centre of the room and the vanity/sink/mirror will be attached to the back of the walk-in wardrobe wall. On the back wall of the bathroom you will a large two-person shower. There is currently a window on that back wall but I’m sure we can find a way to tint it so that no one can see in. 

These ideas may seem far-fetched, but this is only my first day of brainstorming. This walk-in wardrobe and bathroom renovation will be my project for the next week, before I move on to somewhere else in the house. After the lockdown is over I’ll be sending all my ideas to qualified bathroom designers. Melbourne designers are genuine experts, so I’m sure they’ll know what to do with my design ideas. I hope they like them as much as I do. At this rate, by this time next year I’ll have a brand new home.