Cursed European Efficiency!

Originally, I had no problem with these new Euro-garages. I’m willing to try new things, even if none of the mechanics smile or speak English, and you have to reverse into your designated spot for some reason, and I get the feeling that they’re judging me for not dressing up when dropping off my car. The services were excellent, my car was given a complimentary clean, and spending the whole time resting in a sauna was a unique experience. Usually I just go and get a coffee, but they provided a fresh glass of bubbly instead.

But then I realised that I wasn’t supporting my local auto electrical specialists. Moorabbin and its mechanics have been faithful for years and years, and now people are flocking to this fancy European alternative? Getting their brake and tyre repairs done while they party hard in a disco attached to the garage, with a constant loop of Euro-vision’s greatest hits? I just think it’s all a little bit too much, and a little too fast. Our faithful local mechanics don’t deserve this kind of treatment, especially with their years of service.

I can afford to take a stand. I did it when I made the switch from almond milk to rice milk because of the environmental impact, so I can do it now. Heck, I travel an extra few minutes on a Saturday morning to go to Johnny’s Cafe, instead of just going to the cafe down the road, because Johnny’s has cruelty-free avocado toast. I try to do my part, and stepping up for all of Moorabbin’s mechanics is part of that. 

Besides, in my line of work, I NEED a really good truck mechanic. I’m not totally sure they have trucks in Europe, and even if they do, they’re probably all sleek and beautiful, not quite the same as our bulky, heavy-duty Australian trucks.

You hear that, Euro garages? You can’t buy my patronage with your delicious champagne!