Eco Bathroom Oasis

In Melbourne, a vibrant city known for its commitment to sustainability and green living, a young couple embarked on a mission to transform their home into a beacon of eco-friendliness, starting with the most intimate of spaces: their bathroom. Motivated by their passion for the environment, they envisioned an outdated bathroom turning into an eco-friendly […]

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The Bath Technicians

​​ ‘Wait, how many plumbers did you say we needed?’ ‘None.’ ‘That can’t be right… can it?’ ‘Well,’ I frowned, glancing at my computer screen. ‘It says here that when you’re just changing the bath out, you don’t need a plumber.’ My wife looked doubtful. ‘Who do you need then?’ ‘Just a….’ I scrolled down

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The Bathroom Betrayal

‘I still don’t understand why we have to do this,’ Harold grumbled from the bathroom doorway, still clutching his uneaten lettuce sandwich. ‘Didn’t you have a fall in here?’ Charlie asked, brandishing a measuring tape and looking confused. ‘Like, a really bad?’ Harold narrowed his eyes. ‘Yes. Yes, now you mention it, I did.’ ‘Oh,

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Ensuite Redesign

We are just commencing our sixth week of a statewide lockdown and I have almost completely redesigned my house. I have never spent this much consecutive time here, and once I ran out of jobs to do around the house by week two, I began looking for areas of improvement through redesigns. I’ve seriously never

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