High Seas Drama

I had my doubts when Week of Our Lives announced a spin-off, especially since it would only be a weekly show. They’ve had so much to do with boats recently, but the premise at the very least made sense – a few characters taking to the sea on a small fleet of boats to find a new life free from drama. I just wasn’t sure how they’d keep that premise going.

Well, I’m hooked (pun entirely intended). And I have to wait a whole week for each new episode, instead of getting one every day, which is just awful, but definitely keeps me watching! Especially when Tabithelia says that she’s sick of not having commercial and residential glaziers, Melbourne CBD style, available to replace her windows at the drop of a hat. That’s even though what she’s living in is basically a house on some floating slats. She wasn’t really into this idea of actually having a house that was a boat, like a houseboat, so she went with the option of it being a lot more house than boat.

Meanwhile, everyone’s started getting antsy at Kimchi because she’s living in this big boat-mansion and she refuses to fill her spot in the rota where she invites everyone over for tea. That’s because she’s a hermit at heart and thus maybe joining a tight-knit community who are bound together by their need to survive upon the sea wasn’t her best move.

Oh, and there are pirates. Window pirates. They set upon the group in last week’s episode and stole all of their windows, meaning that Zander now has to make a major decision: share with the group his secret stash of window panes that he keeps in the brig, or…not do that? Zander was the only one who knew about the window pirates, hence the stash, and why he got in contact with glass stair balustrading companies to get the very best windows possible. 

Such intrigue! It’s a shame, though – they went to sea to escape the drama and instead ended up bringing it with them.