Tinting, Then Peace?

Teacher seems rather cross, although unlike most such incidents, I think I know why this one is happening. She hates the idea of there being someone or something here in Melbourne who is acting non-human, but not attending Human Classes. She was quick to haul in the Atlantean fellow and the time traveller, but this […]

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High Seas Drama

I had my doubts when Week of Our Lives announced a spin-off, especially since it would only be a weekly show. They’ve had so much to do with boats recently, but the premise at the very least made sense – a few characters taking to the sea on a small fleet of boats to find

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Oscar-Bait: Smashing

I actually don’t have the slightest clue why people get so into movies. Look, I’m not emotional and I don’t get worked up over… well, anything, but especially not movies. And yet, DuMesque releases another flick and it’s party time for days. I guess he must’ve spun the wheel and decided to make a hammy

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Dark Window Scoop

I’m going to blow this story wide open, see! Tinting is great and all, but I’m on the hunt for a story, and this nose knows what it knows, so long as I keep following my nose, I know what I know, and no one else will know what I know, you know? Until they

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